Security Sound Systems

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Can you install a remote starter in a manual transmission vehicle?

  • Yes, they can be installed in both automatic and manual transmissions. Manual vehicles may need extra parts to function properly.

Will you install a starter that I didn't purchase there?

  • Yes, we charge an hourly rate for the time it take to install the supplied remote starter, however we cannot warranty any products brought in by customer that was not purchased at our store.
How long does an installation take?

  • Installation time varies, we have all customers drop off their vehicles in the morning and we work accordingly on each vehicle from their. All installations will be completed on the day the vehicle is dropped off unless otherwise stated. 

Can I drop off my car before you open?

  • Yes, we have a secure key drop box on the side of the building, just let us know when your vehicle will be dropped off.

If I drop off my car when you open, can I get it back at a certain time?

  • Under certain circumstances we are able to return your vehicle by a certain time you request, but however we are not able to 100% guarantee it since certain circumstances may arise that hold us up from finishing on time
Do you do gift certificates?

  • Yes, we  have certificates for all services that we offer
How long must I keep my windows up after a tint?

  • We recommend at least 3 days but time may vary depending on weather temperature and conditions

If a bubble appears in my tint, can you guys fix it?

  • Yes, just call and make an appointment. Do not try to fix the bubble yourself

I changed my car battery and the starter doesn't work, what should I do?

  • This is a common occurrence, just call us to make an appointment to come by for a quick fix. Usually remotes just need to be reprogrammed and takes a short amount of time.